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My Round Trip Flight to Heaven

My Round Trip Flight to Heaven 44 Views

Mickey Robinson: My Round Trip Flight to Heaven (2 Corinthians 5:8) Mickey speaks at King of Kings May 26, 2021.

Quotes: “I looked into an abyss of blackness. It's eternal. It's empty. It is forever. It's totally being cut off from the source of all life. That is terrifying and hopeless, and that is the outer darkness. I not only could see it, but I could also feel what it would be like - that is awful. So as it was closing, it was eclipsing this white light. I'm on the very precipice of eternity, the very edge of eternity and I cried out, "NO! I'm sorry, I want to live! I want to be alive." Somehow, I was thrust through this opening, and I was standing in heaven, in the third heaven, in the presence of Almighty God. I knew instantly that I would never die. The most profound impact is the undiluted perfect love of God. This is amazing. It is God himself loving you as his own son or daughter.”

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